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Welcome in the realm of sounds inspired by the magic of nature.
Behind The Synesthesis is Mario "Majo" Griesbach from Nitra,Slovakia. Original compositions contain authentic impressions of the nature elements and the mysterious empires of human fantasy. Musical production of The Synesthesis is cinematic - neoclassical with orchestral sounds highly influented by baroque, classical, medieval and extreme metal music.
Colorful Symphony of Zobor in five movements tells story through music about ancient times when Zobor became sacred mountain. Cinematic suite Paradise is like journey to nature with meditative vibes. The Woods suites are the connection of relaxing harmonies with bird tweets, sounds of creek and rain. Suite Perfection of the Nature in three parts represents the ambient sounds with classical waltz structures. The title soundtrack Escape to the Embrace of Nature calls for deserved return of spirits to the deepest forests to discover peace and wonders of nature. Neobaroque tribute Illusion of Truth to father of music - Johann Sebastian Bach draws the story where man with his benevolence for nature is the enemy number one for Mother Earth. The Fortress and The Secret are cinematic soundtracks that celebrates the mysterious places of nature and the historical heritage of mankind.

The Synesthesis released first digital album "Escape to the Embrace of Nature" in september 2015. You can stream it via, Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, etc.

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The Synesthesis comes from Synesthesia, that psychologists define the rare gift of people who can see colours in music, letters, names. Composer Franz Liszt was one of them. I doubt that I have synesthesia. The philosophy of my project is taken from different point of view. The Synesthesis means to bring millions color shades dwelling the nature through the music.

Majo, The Synesthesis
How I joined the path of music
Music was always my great passion. My music is the keyhole to my internal world of fantasies and emotions. Composing music is my way how to express the depth of feelings. It is a kind of mirror on the water surface, like the reflection of my soul. My compositions do not contain lyrics, but it is based on the ancient greek paradigm of Logos and the theory of nature elements. I create sounds in the spectrum in contrasts of light and dark. Musical idea of expressing the love for nature was spontanous. Often when I am wandering through the woods I listen the music in my head. I decided to make my inner sounds public.
I began to listen music naturally with no family influences. I started to perceive and reflect the eternal beauty of music very soon - already as a six year old kid. I rarely did activities without some music in the background, music was my guideman during my whole life. When child reflect sensitive the world of music, probably got the musical ear that is the most important condition to be the musician. But the child does not come and tell to parent, that he wants to visit some lessons of musical instrument.

Probably The Universe did not want me as the professional musician and save me from hours of training abilities for instrument. My biggest idol was Michael Jackson, he impressed me with his talent to sing and dance.

As teenager I began to discover by the rock mainstream music also alternative and indie genres. After I started to listen metal I bought guitar and teach stuff by myself. Most of all I liked improvisation and to make up new riffs and themes. In 2002 I discovered guitar composing software and I began to compose the songs and lately I published my compositions to the special website for guitar composers in tablature format. To this day I have the folder with more than three hundred of complete songs, incomplete structures, themes and patterns in various genres.

I played for the short period in two rock/metal bands (Metathron, second untitled). During the study at university I had less time to compose, more I concentrated to practice guitar and drums in my spare time. Two years I visited the school where I got basic musical theory and some practical lessons. But classic playing the same chords of easy songs was always boring for me. I as mentioned I pay great attention to improvisation, doing intergenre experiments,like experiments with disharmony and chromatic playing and using odd time signatures. All these features plus virtuosity playing and influence from the classical and baroque music I found in artistic vain of death metal and jazz genres and subgenres.

I have very extensive musical taste, prefer classical music (Johann Sebastian Bach is my favourite composer) and extreme metal (technical death metal and black metal). I am open to discover music behind the boundaries of mentioned genres. I have sympaties for sounds of Depeche Mode, Lana del Rey, John Coltrane, Buckethead, Pink Floyd, Dream Theater, Bjork, etc. Actually I discover love for atmospheric ambient meditative and relax music and the records of the authentic sounds of nature(soundscapes, field recording of nature sounds).

My Music
~Album "Escape to the Embrace of Nature":
~Escape to the Embrace of Nature

I composed this track in year 2004 with working title "Beauties of the Lost World". Original plan was to do this one as the keyboard overture for acoustic part of the progressive thrash/death metal structure. Close your eyes and imagine your fantasies and beauties of the nature. Maybe sounds can bring you imagination of rounding eagle above you and the rocky mountain. Its not field recording, just artificial FX, but if you will listen carefully you will find that sounds in the background of the track Escape to the Embrace of Nature.The nature...the place where you can find the endless stream of positive energy and the beautiful silence with your heart beat, breath and sounds of nature all around you. So breathe this nice atmosphere in the embrace of woods, meadows, mountains.

~Zobor - I. Allegro

I have composed Zobor in april 2004. This song was the part of the guitarist competition and it won:)
Original version of Zobor had more than ten minutes in lenght and it was orchestral intro, metal part, interlude, metal part, guitar solos and orchestral outro. In 2014 I have decided to take some parts from my original version and compose new version of "The Symphony of Zobor" in five movements.

~Zobor - II. Andantino

~Zobor - III. Andante Moderato (Allegro assai)

~Zobor - IV. Adagio

~Zobor - V. Larghetto

Zobor - VI. Finale (Andante - Allegro)

~The Woods I. - The Unbound Mind, Winged Thoughts
I composed the original structure of this composition on guitar in the summer 2006. Almost all parts were used for the Woods I. Some rhythms were modified to make song more relaxing and soft. The idea to combine my composition with the soundscape of the dawn in the woods in the spring come from my great passion for the nature.
Song meaning:
My music presents something which we consider as the epic soundtrack to the beautiful walks in the embrace of the the musical synestheses that are mainly woods close my home. Green everywhere, the intensive smells, virginly fresh air, silence, the souls of the trees, the strong atmosphere...the infinite calm, everlasting energy... The nature is my temple of the meditation and the place of revitalising torrents of pure energy.
Yeah, I really enjoy relaxing in the woods, very often to clear my mind. When I save some time for me, I like to left behind all the chaos and stress of the everyday life of my world. Me alone in the woods with the deafening silence in the winter or the great natural sounds in the other seasons, with all that tweets and bird symphonies and sonatas.Thats it..."the truly walnussy" (to prave orechove) as we Slovaks I devoted my music for the woods my favourite place to lose myself and let my senses tied. There I let my thoughts get the wings, my mind become unbound.

~The Woods II. - The Keepers of The Scared Silence

Woods part II. come from my newer composition from 2009. As on the privous part of The Woods also here was saved 85% of original song. It begins with jazzy lick of the harp, what changed progressively to the catchy light chorus and string verse. The trend of this composition is very progressive which is not interesting for everybody. I express my style here - the atypical form of instrumental orchestral progressive ambient. Another similarity with previous part I. is the soundscape in the background. During the whole composition you can listen rainfall with some thunder...It expresses to me the summer storm in the woods...I had some experience with summer storm previous year. I add to this post my own photos from that mentioned summer 2013 hiking trip from over the Zobor woods. The keepers of the sacred silence of the woods are the trees, and other living nature. The Woods I. (1 of 5) used samples from : 22384__dobroide__20060824-forest03,63220__benboncan__owls Rainfall and the thunder in the woods. Source: Woods II. Rainfall and the thunder in the woods. Source:
The Woods III. - The Sensual Coalescence of Viva Aqua
The Woods IV. - The Embracement Of The Souls
The Woods V. - The Return With Brisk Glow in Psyché
Paradise - I. Namaste
Paradise - II. The Tranquillity of Forest
Paradise III. - The Laments of Dryad
~The Secret

~The Illusion of Truth

~The Fortress

~Perfection of the Nature - I. Snow Crystals

~Perfection of the Nature - II. Aurora

~Perfection of the Nature - III. Green

Emotion from The Pain



The Claret Rose I.

The Claret Rose II.



Sonata for the Oakwoods

Wonders of The Night Sky

If you have any request, feel free to contact me on my e-mail: mariogriesbach (at) gmail (dot) com
I am able to compose music for videogames, documentaries, short movies or any personal projects. I am open for collaboration with composers and artists of various genres.